Advanced Computing at Nescol

The Computing faculty at North East Scotland College offer a wide range of advanced computing courses. The courses on offer are suitable for those with Highers, who have completed the higher syllabus or have successfully completed any of the NC (National Certificate) Computing courses. For those returning to education, life skills and experience in the workplace may allow direct entry subject to availability.

Interactive Computing at Nescol

HND Digital Design and Development (Game Development) (Level 8)

Develop an in–depth and accurate understanding of professional standards and what to expect when working in a game design/development-related role. Work on individual game projects using the latest in industry software Unreal Engine.

In Year 1 you will cover fundamental areas of game development, essential content, developing a mobile web application, digital graphics fundamentals, user interface design and 2D animation.

In Year 2 you will look at the design and development of video games. You will develop and design interactive media for at least two live video game projects.

HND Digital Design and Development (Web Development) (Level 8)

Build on your design and technical abilities and ensure you have the skills and knowledge to effectively implement your ideas and designs. These skills can be used to develop skills in Web Development. You will be using the latest in industry software within Adobe's Creative Cloud.

You will work on real projects with real clients, allowing you to develop an in–depth and accurate understanding of professional standards, what to expect when working in a web related role.

In Year 1 you will cover fundamental areas of web technologies including web development, essential content, developing mobile web applications, digital graphics fundamentals, user interface design and 2D animation.

In Year 2 you will look at the design and development of an interactive website and developing the media for interactive products.

HND Technologies in Business (Level 8)

The HND Technologies in Business award is designed for learners who wish to pursue a business career in the digital economy. The course has been structured to provide learners with a background in business operations, technology, project management and entrepreneurship to allow them to seek employment in a wide variety of sectors.

You will be involved in a variety of subjects aimed to help you become a multi–skilled individual possessing the IT, business and interpersonal skills required for the 21st century digital economy.

Computing Technologies at Nescol

HNC Computing (Level 7)

This course is designed to give you a taster into Computer Hardware and Software, during this course you will learn the basics of Networking, Software Development and Cyber Security.

Learn about the current and emerging trends in Computing and you get an introduction to the professional bodies that govern computing and the benefits of joining one of these professional bodies.

You will also learn how to be a professional and competent individual in Computer Hardware or Software and Cyber Security and the impact of the current legislation such as GDPR.

HNC Cyber Security (Level 7)

The need for cyber security specialists in the modern workplace is paramount, all organisations have an obligation to ensure that their network, applications and data is secure. This course will provide you with the skills to meet the industry requirements.

We will introduce you to Networking and what practices we can put in place to secure a Network from attacks, you will learn about programming and how this can help you become a better Cyber Security specialist, and we will introduce you to the laws that affect Cyber Security specialists and the effects that these laws can have on companies and individuals.

HND Computing: Software Development with Cyber Security (Level 8)

Software is everywhere! More and more devices are controlled by software and the industry is constantly evolving as we continue to move towards an era where computers and software dominate our lives.

You will learn programming languages that will prepare you for a career in this ever changing industry, as you focus on Human Computer Interaction and making your programmes and software more user friendly.

Smart home devices such as the Amazon Alexa, Google Home or even the Apple Homepod were developed using the skills you will learn on this course.

HND Computing: Technical Support with Cyber Security (Level 8)

Learn about cyber security with the emphasis on protecting and detecting malicious attacks. You will use industry standard forensics tools to find traces of a malicious attack and use ethical hacking tools to simulate and stop malicious attacks that exist in real–time.

As well as learning about hardware, software and ethical hacking you will also learn the basics of networking, including servers and how they are used, and why they are targeted by malicious individuals, this will give you a broader understanding when it comes to technical support or cyber security and prepare you for the future changes in technology.

You will learn about the ethical issues that surround cyber security and also the laws that affect your role as a cyber–security professional.