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Computing at Nescol



We offer a variety of computing courses over three stages of difficulty. The stars indicate the level of difficulty of each qualification. We start at an introductory and end with a Higher National diploma, each level has different entry requirements.


Difficulty One

The Introduction course requires no formal qualifications, but you have to have a keen interest in the specific units that the course offers, so if you're new to computers and want to learn more, the Introduction course is the best choice for you.

National Cert

Difficulty Two

Applicants applying for these courses must have National 4, Intermediate 1 or Standard Grade Foundation/General Level qualifications. If you have completed the relevant Introduction course, you will also move straight into an NC level course.


Difficulty Three

Applicants for the HNC/HND courses generally need Highers, but life skills and experience in the workplace can also grant you entry. If you have completed on of the relevant NC courses, this will give you entry into the first year of a HND course.

What our Students do


The students at NESCOL are responsible for the maintenance of www.404found.co.uk. This website is a perfect opportunity for students to gain real life experience of working with a live client. The Interactive Media students work together in project team who go through various stages of the web development process. These teams then compete to get their website published.

The teams are able to showcase their ability in designing a successful dynamic website using the latest developing technologies and languages with industry standard software. The winning team will be able to put a published website into their portfolio giving them increased employability.

The IT Helpdesk

This amazing project is run by students for the students and it's supported by the staff NESCol. The IT HELPZONE is situated in Dino’s Cafe, Aberdeen city centre campus, so it's really handy for students who have problems with their devices.

They are happy to help you in person, by phone or email. The IT HELPZONE advisors are students of second year HND Computing at NESCOL. They have college for two days a week and they work one day at the IT HELPZONE. One of the students currently working there said "We both enjoy working here and give our support to students who need it and also it's an excellent experience and a good thing to put in your CV".